We perform reseller monitoring and enforcement, trademark and domain name monitoring and enforcement, competitor monitoring, strategic domain portfolio management, brand reputation management, and other monitoring and enforcement of  intellectual property assets, including content, software, copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, patents, and other technology.

What kind of monitoring and enforcement should I consider?

Depending on the type of intellectual property you have, we will provide services to help ensure your business interests are secure and third parties aren’t taking advantage of your good fortune and success.  Monitoring for third party infringement of intellectual property rights is becoming a necessity for online businesses to help maintain the goodwill and reputation built in the business.  With the threat of knock-offs, piracy and counterfeit product, cybersquatting, internet defamation, hacking, spam and phishing that is rampant in eCommerce and online business, it is important to monitor and enforce your intellectual property rights.

Domain Name Monitoring & Enforcement

Our attorneys can assist you in the legal issues that arise with Internet website hosting and development. Domain names can be protected as trademarks if they are distinctive in nature. On the other hand, inclusion of a third party’s trademark in a domain name can be held to be trademark infringement or cybersquatting. Our attorneys can guide you in the use of your domain name and in ICANN proceedings that may arise relating to its use. We also can help you recover domain names misappropriated by third parties.

Trademark Monitoring & Enforcement

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Copyright Monitoring & Enforcement


Software Monitoring & Enforcement


Content Monitoring & Enforcement


Patent and Technology Monitoring & Enforcement


Monitoring and Enforcement, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution for Your Licenses, Contracts and Agreements