Legal Requirements for Online Sweepstakes, Games, Contests

Social media has made it easy for creating online promotions to catch the eye of consumers and the use of contests and sweepstakes keeps growing in popularity. However, there are very specific requirements for different kinds of internet sweepstakes and online contests.  Anyone involved in offering one should take care that proper disclaimers, disclosures, official rules and other provisions are clearly defined and that there is compliance with all local, state and/or federal laws. Our internet lawyers have knowledge of the legal ramifications and can provide foresight into how best to set up an online contest to avoid the common legal issues and potential pitfalls.  Read more about ecommerce and online promotions.


$2500 Flat Fee.  Our flat fee covers the creation of a custom package for your online contest to include all the basic needs for setting up and running your contest with legal compliance.


Hourly.  We offer advice and create custom packages for online contests that involve sophisticated issues and require specialized services.