How can I protect my online business?

eCommerce business requires diligent protection. We provide consultation and the tools for protection of your business interests.

Whether your business is a start-up or a million dollar company, hackers will target you if they see any vulnerability within your system.

When running an online business, you must consider use of special security measures to help keep your assets, data and consumers secure. eCommerce provides an easy manner of doing business, but the collection and storage of personal information, exchange of currency, and the use of the Internet for transacting business attracts cyber crime. The ever changing and volatile nature of the Internet and laws related to doing business online, themselves, require you have the forethought needed to help ensure your eCommerce business is protected.

We understand the risks involved with conducting business online and provide counsel on the preventative measures you should consider, as well as provide the tools to help protect your business through agreements, negotiation, dispute resolution, litigation, and enforcement. We are a full service intellectual property firm.  We also provide competitor monitoring services, enforcement services for your trademarks, patents, software, copyrights, licenses and agreements, and assist with domain portfolio and strategic management.

Doing business online gives rise to the potential for numerous risks and issues, such as:

Data Protection – Data Privacy and Security – Security Breaches – Cyber-Piracy – Cybersquatting – Internet Defamation – Reputation management – Censorship & Free Speech – Piracy and Brand Counterfeiting – Hacking, Spam & Phishing Attacks – User Generated Content (UGC) Issues – Online Currency and Money Transactions Issues and Compliance – Trademark Infringement – Copyright Infringement – Domain Name Dispute Resolution

Some of the services we provide are the drafting, negotiation and dispute resolution for:

eCommerce Agreements – User Agreements – Reseller Agreements – Service Contracts – Affiliate Marketing Agreements – End User Agreements – Website Agreements – Policy Agreements – Copyright Policy Agreements – Internet Content Licensing – Software Licensing – IP Licensing Agreements

Some of the businesses we work closely with are:

Internet Marketing and Advertising Companies – Online Retailers and Resellers – Online Auctions – Internet Service Providers (ISP) – Software As A Service (Saas) Providers – Social Media Business Accounts – Online Sweepstakes and Games Providers