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Our Internet and eCommerce Attorneys can assist with a wide variety of legal services for internet companies engaging in Commerce. We live in a world of fast changing technology and ever evolving Internet opportunities, issues, risks and laws. All companies doing business online need to understand the risks and legal issues of eCommerce for ensuring compliance with state, federal and international laws. Our technology lawyers provide strategic advice for conducting business online safely and legally.

(starting at $1000) All websites involved in eCommerce need a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (TOU) as a basic necessity, including provisions specific to the kind of business and industry involved for protection of the owner of the website as well as compliance with state, federal and international laws. A Privacy Policy should include provisions specific to how a business collects personally identifiable information, uses cookies and trackers, identifies necessity for disclosure of information and sharing of personal information, data security measures used such as SSL, disclaimers of liability and warranty provisions, opt-out and opt-in provisions, compliance with laws such as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, the U.S., E.U. and Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Get More Info Here
(starting at $1000) A Terms of Use (TOU) page should be included in a website to provide information to the website users regarding the owner’s specific terms for use the website to set the boundaries for third party use of the website, define the user responsibility and expectations. We create basic Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to fit within industry specific and basic business models or will customize Privacy Policy and Terms of Use specifically geared to your particular business with special provisions directly fitting to the distinct needs of your business.Get More Info Here.
(starting at $1000) Social Media Policies have become a necessity for businesses, especially those involved in eCommerce. Businesses have social media accounts and sometimes use them as a source for communicating with customers and/or the sale of product. A company Social Media Policy will outline the guidelines and expectations regarding employee use of social media as it relates to and affects work and the business, including employee use of social media in reference to their jobs. A Social Media Policy needs to be custom developed to fit within the company culture and existing guidelines of conduct. We work with our clients to create custom Social Media Policies that best fit their business needs. Get More Info Here
(starting at $2500, exclusive of filing fees) The use of internet and mobile sweepstakes, give-aways, games, and promotions keep increasing in popularity as an easy manner to gain public attention and gain business recognition. However, there are special requirements from local, state, and federal laws that govern how they are created, registered, run and operated, depending on the kind of promotion or game involved. It is crucial that any business obtain the advice of lawyers with a solid understanding of the legal intricacies involved prior to attempting to run online sweepstakes, games, or other similar promotions. Get More Info Here
(starting at $500, inclusive of filing fees) The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) provides a safe harbor protection to owners of websites that allow for the uploading of content to their website. Specific requirements on how the content is handled is key to whether the safe harbor maintains in force and there are certain steps that must be taken by the website owner and operator. We provide assistance with inclusion of proper language in the Privacy Policy, Copyright Policy, apply security measure, and assist with obtaining all requirements to properly register a DMCA Agent. Get More Info Here

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